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Puppies Available

Please Email me if you are interested in placing a deposit on a puppy from a future litter.

Our Puppies
All pups come dewormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks, tails docked, dewclaws removed, current with all vaccinations, temperament tested, microchipped and with a health guarantee.

Ear Cropping
Ears will be left to buyer’s preference. If a good vet familiar with Cane Corso ear crops is not available in your area, we can take a limited number of pups in to be cropped before they go home. The cost is the responsibility of the buyer. We charge an additional fee of $800.00 to do the cropping for you, however the pups are required to be picked up the same day after surgery. Having your pups ears cropped should be done no later than 10 weeks of age.

Lifetime Support
Every Cane Corso puppy that we sell comes with lifetime support from us at RomanEmprieCaneCorso. We have chosen to take responsibility, along with the new owner, to ensure that the puppy/dog is always loved and cared for and doesn’t end up neglected or abandoned.Reserving Your Puppy
We take care in matching our puppies with the right owners, based on the puppy’s temperament and the owners desire in their new pet. Before the litter is born, reservations are accepted on a limited basis. The rest of the litter may be reserved after they are born. We do not accept deposits solely based on color. I do understand that color is sometimes very important in the purchase process of a pet. If a puppy is not produced that is the color of your choice, you will have the option to choose from the available pups, or wait for our next litter. All puppies from each litter may be selected, based on priority, after 7 weeks of age. I do play a big part in selecting what pup goes to each family based on the families request and my puppies needs. Most puppies go home with their new owners around 8 weeks of age, but that may vary depending on each individual puppy and their development.

If you want to purchase or reserve a puppy, please Contact Us!

Note: Our puppies are reserved in the order that we receive deposits.

Your New Fur Baby 

Looking for a new fur baby? Well, you do not have to look further because Roman Empire Cane Corso puppies got your back! You do not even have to worry about deworming and vaccinations because we already took care of it. 

Our Puppies 

To make sure that our puppies are healthy we deworm them at the age of 2, 4, and 6 weeks. We also make sure that they are vaccinated, tails are docked, and microchipped.   

Ear Cropping (Optional) 

It is basically a process of cutting the floppy part of a dog’s ear. It is usually done on dogs aged 6 to 12 weeks old. This is usually done with dogs that have standing ears. It is done to avoid ear infections. 

This process is optional. If you want this service, there is an additional fee of $800. 

Tail Docking 

It is a process of surgically removing a puppies’ tail. It is usually done in its first five days. It is also done by using a pair of scissors or tieing a rubber band to cut off the blood supply. 

The reason why tail docking is done is to prevent rabies and injuries caused by fighting. 


It is a process required to make sure that your fur baby is healthy. It can be in the form of a tablet or chewable-based worming treatment.

After deworming, it is normal to see worms together with your dog’s faeces. So. do not worry about it! 

Note: The effect of deworming may vary depending on the puppies’ health condition 


Aside from deworming, it is also important for a dog to receive vaccines. It is mostly for:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Adenovirus
  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospirosis 
  • Parainfluenza 

Another reason why your fur baby should receive vaccines is to help prepare your dog’s immune system to defend itself against disease-causing organisms. 

Here is the recommended schedule for vaccine:

  • 6-10 weeks- a vaccine for DHPP and kennel cough 
  • 11-14 weeks- a vaccine for DHPP, leptospirosis, canine influenza, and Lyme disease 
  • 15-16- a vaccine for DHPP, leptospirosis, canine influenza, Lyme disease, and rabies 

DHPP- Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza

Note: It does not actually mean that your dog needs to receive multiple injections. This is because there are 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 vaccines. The vaccination schedule also depends on the health of your fur baby. Make sure to consult your vet first. 


Since we want to make sure that our puppies are safe, we might conduct a quick interview. This is to see if you are eligible to become a fur parent or our babies. 

What’s exciting is that you can also reserve even before the litter is born. However, reservations are accepted on a limited basis. In addition, not all puppies are available for advanced reservations. This is for you to have an option if you do not like the colour of the puppy you reserved. 

If you want to know more about our puppies, send us an email at  . You can also call us at .