Why you should get your dog regularly groomed

Regular grooming can not only benefit your dog’s coat, nails, ears, eyes and skin but also benefit you and your home. If you’re curious about what the benefits are, Roman Empire Cane Corso has summed up 5 great advantages of regular dog grooming:

  1. Better hygiene

One of the main reasons why pet owners bring their dogs to the groomer is to maintain their dogs’ hygiene. Keeping your dog’s hygiene in check is a great way to keep them healthy and clean. This keeps your dog’s skin, nails, eyes, ears, and coat in check which is crucial to keep your dog’s health in peak condition. So take your dog grooming at least once every two weeks for better hygiene and health.

  1. Prevention

When taking your dog to the groomers, they’ll be able to detect if your dog has any issues such as infections, fleas, lesions, bumps and many more that you might not notice. This can be a benefit to you and your dog if caught early since it lets you treat the issue while it’s still manageable. As a result, the healing process will be faster.

  1. Healthier nails

Cutting a dog’s nails may not be an easy or possible task for most pet owners but cutting and maintaining your dog’s nails is a must. Taking them to the groomers will make it easier for you and your dog since they’re handled by professionals that can assure you proper trimming. 

Not trimming your dog’s nails won’t only hurt them but also you and your family. When your dog’s nails start to hurt you when playing, this is an indication that it’s also hurting them and is the time to get their nails cut.

  1. Better coat and skin

Bathing your dogs is something you can do yourself but when it comes to trimming their fur, you can leave that to the professionals. Constant baths can prevent dirt build-up that can lead to skin issues when untreated. Plus when bringing your dog to the groomer they usually brush and detangle your dog’s coat which prevents dead skin from building up and irritating your dog’s skin. So for a better coat and skin, try bringing your dogs to the groomer regularly.

  1. Meet new dogs

There are some pet grooming services with areas allowing other dogs to mingle and play. This can allow your dog to interact and make friends during waiting time. Not only does this benefit your dog’s physical health but also mental keeping your dog happy and socialising! 

But not all pet groomers provide a play area which is why it’s a great idea to scout for one that does. A pet grooming service that offers that is Roman Empire Cane Corso! We offer not just a wide area for your dogs to play and mingle, but also a pool, pet hotel, pet training service, and many more!