Roman Empire Cane Corso: What does your dog mean?

Roman Empire Cane Corso: What does your dog mean?

As much as you love your fur babies, there is a barrier that prevents them from verbally saying what they want to you and vice versa. Here at Roman Empire Cane Corso, we have enough experience with dogs to understand what they’re trying to say based on their behaviour alone and we’re here to share them with you!

Tail wagging

Probably one of the most noticeable things that dogs do is wag their tails a lot. This can mean a lot of things depending on the situation but it’s mostly associated with feeling genuine happiness and excitement. You usually see them do this when you get home from work or when you prepare their food. They just can’t contain their joy! 

Other meanings could include curiosity, agitation and aggression. Pay close attention to the speed of their wagging, the faster it is, the happier they are while slower means cautious or curious. 


Try not to get irritated or scold your dogs when they are howling because the reason that they’re doing it is they sense danger or they feel uneasy. They’re just trying to warn you of the danger that may be present around you like strangers or wild animals. 

Always try to pay attention to their body language as some dogs tend to bark to seek attention or to try to communicate with you about something.

Following you everywhere

Also known as clinginess, this behaviour can’t help but tug at your heartstrings. But, be very observant as this could mean that your dog has underlying physical distress. You can notice this right away when you can’t leave them alone in a room for a short period of time even though you’re just going to another room. 

Just like a human being, a clingy dog needs care, love and assurance. You can train them to change the way they behave or to lessen their clinginess by trying to leave them in a safe space and help them realize that you will always come back to them.

Sniffing other dog’s butts

You may have noticed them doing this during your visit to your local park when they meet other dogs. The explanation for this is that when a dog smells another dog’s butt, they are essentially learning information about them including things like sex, age, health, etc. 

Licking you

This adorable and sweet gesture is usually a kiss from your dog to you. You can see them doing this with other dogs, especially mothers to their babies. It’s a form of self-grooming and sometimes they tend to do that to their owners as well. 


Zoomies is the term used to describe the dog’s behaviour of running around in circles. Think of it as the release of all the built-up energy inside of them. This activity is common to all dogs and it is a favourite game among them. Owners can freely join their dog when they see them do this to bond with them.