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Why You Should Train Your Dog

The prospect of taking home a new pooch is exciting. But before you welcome your new member of the family, make sure you’re ready for the huge responsibility that comes with it. Here at Roman Empire Cane Corso, we will help you become the best possible dog trainer.

Tips to Train Your New Puppy

Training your new puppy may be a daunting task, but these helpful tips will guide you through an easy, breezy dog training for puppies.

  • Put house training on top of your list

Dogs usually pee after drinking water or poop after a meal. Set a consistent feeding schedule so they’ll get used to when they’re supposed to eat and where to relieve themselves. 

  • Socialize them early on

If your pup is exposed to new people, dogs, and experiences early on, they’ll become well-adjusted to any kinds of situations. They’ll grow into confident and good-natured adults.

  • Train them on bite inhibition

Bite inhibition is simply teaching your pup how to bite gently. Allow them to bite and play with your fingers, and stop when they bite too hard.

  • Let your dog get used to his crate

Crate training takes time for most dogs. They will be uncomfortable with it at first, but will eventually get used to it. Give enough time for your dog to feel comfortable inside the crate before leaving them alone.

Benefits of Dog Training

  1. It’s a good bonding experience for you and your dog.

Dog training is a good place to start building a connection with your pup. This is also a good time to create boundaries and learn to understand each other. Mutual respect will result in constantly spending time together.

  1.  It will guard the safety of your dog.

You are responsible to keep your dog safe. You can avoid disastrous events from happening when you have trained them properly. 

  1. Your walks together will be a great experience.

Training will teach your pup how to act properly in public spaces. They will be more trusting and confident in the presence of other people and dogs as well. Well-trained dogs adjust and interact better than ones who are not trained.

  1. Your home will remain intact.

Untrained pups can be a source of great stress in a home. So, it’s better that you teach them proper manners while inside the home. They will learn how to respect your space and behave around the family and the occasional guests. No longer will you have to worry about your dog chewing and biting on your precious furniture and personal stuff.

  1. Vets can easily handle your dog.

You should get them used to human touch. This will desensitize them to being touched or treated on. Your vet and other clinic staff will feel safer handling your dog.

Nothing’s more rewarding than having a well-behaved and good-natured dog. If you don’t have the time to train them, you can choose to have an expert do it on your behalf.

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