Roman Empire Cane Corso: How to take care of puppies

Dogs are the best companions that you can have in this life. Whether you’re living alone or with your family, they are suitable buddies that can give you the comfort you need. Taking care of a dog is also like having a child of your own with whom you can create irreplaceable memories with. 

Here in Roman Empire Cane Corso, we breed Cane Corso Mastiffs. You can adopt your own Mastiff while they are still puppies so that you can watch them grow throughout the years. Compared to other types of Mastiff breeds, the Cane Corso is more energetic and athletic with a strong passion for adventure. These are some tips that you need to remember when taking care of these puppies:   

Learn about Cane Corsos

Researching more about Cane Corsos is a good starting point to become better parents for these puppies. It is important that you know everything about them so you can better understand their needs. Aside from browsing on the internet, you can also firsthand observe your puppy and learn about its habits, what it prefers to do and more. 

Feed and give them their space 

Cane Corso puppies that are around eight to twelve weeks old need four meals a day. Keep this in mind so that your furry buddy won’t be hungry or irritable. You can create a schedule so you can track when they last ate and when they should eat next. 

Also, you should allocate a spot for your puppy. Having their own space is important for them so they can relax and sleep comfortably. You can purchase a dog bed for them or create a make-shift one using a wooden box.  

Exercise with them daily 

What’s great about a Cane Corso is that it’s a perfect workout buddy. They have so much energy which is suitable for owners who live an active lifestyle. You can take them on walks or you can run long distances too. Moreover, they can be good companions for your kids so they can race around a park or field with their bountiful vigour. 

Keep them clean 

Good personal hygiene is not only important for humans but also for your puppies. Brush them regularly to reduce any shedding. Keeping them clean is beneficial for both you and your pet since it can lessen the risk of diseases and help them become healthier. Aside from this, you should also declutter and get rid of any dirt that you can find at home. A well-polished place is a suitable environment for your puppies. 

Train them young  

Cane Corsos are one of the dog breeds that love to move independently. It is crucial that you train them while they are still young so that you can at least control their actions. Although they appear intimidating, you can domesticate them so they learn how to act towards others. Put your full attention and show your sincerity towards them by always being on their side so that they can be comfortable.