Roman Empire Cane Corso: Games to play with your dogs

It is fun to play with dogs especially if you are in a dog park or a dog daycare centre. Since dogs are naturally happy and energetic, playing with them should be easy especially if they already know or like you. Here is a list of games you can play with dogs:

Tug of war

Tug of war helps keep dogs engaged and can strengthen their teeth. To play this, let the dog pull the end of the rope toy or blanket then wait for the dog to let go of the toy. After a few seconds, initiate another round of the game with the dog so that you can maintain control. Larger dogs may refuse to let go of the toy. In such cases, you may grip their collar.


To play fetch with a dog, toss a flying disk or other fetchable toys around and urge the dog to retrieve it. Make your dog get familiar with the game by starting to praise it for holding the toy. Then, gradually go sprinting backwards while carrying a treat, causing your dog to chase you while still holding the toy.

Keep in mind that some dogs like fetching more than others so do not get dismayed if your dog is not interested in playing fetch.

Hide and seek

Start playing hide and seek with a dog by hiding in an adjacent room or area next to where the dog stays. Once the dog found you, praise them and give them treats. Depending on your living area, you may play this indoors or outside. You may also need someone to keep the dog back while you go hide if the dog is excited.

Impatient dogs may not be a good fit for this game since it will be hard for you to hide. If you are playing hide and seek with a smaller dog, make sure to stay nearby so the dog does not have to look far.

Blow bubbles

Entertain the dog by blowing a normal bottle of bubbles in the dog’s direction. When dogs get entertained by this, they will chase after the bubbles and even try to eat them. Since dogs may like to eat bubbles, make sure to use a non-toxic bubble solution. Blowing bubbles is a great way to spend time with your dog when the weather outside is good.

Any dog may have fun playing with bubbles but it will most likely depend on their personality, interest level and the kind of games they often enjoy playing.

Water games

Playing water games with a dog is a fun activity especially when the weather is hot. To play pool games with a dog, fill a kiddie pool with water then encourage the dog to splash around and enjoy the water. Water games aren’t restricted to the kiddie pool. You may also teach your dog to swim in a bigger body of water, such as a pool, a lake, or the ocean. You can also set up a sprinkler or turn on a water hose and encourage the dog to play with the water if you have a smaller yard.