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Easy Method to Potty Train Dogs of All Ages

One of the reasons why parents are not so keen on getting a dog or any pet is having to deal with poop and pee. Training a dog to know where to relieve itself is one of the most daunting tasks for people who are not used to having pets. Here is the easiest that Roman Empire Cane Corso does for every puppy.

Bring The Dog to a Place and Wait for them to Potty

This is the most straightforward method which many first-time adopters do without realizing. You simply need to bring your dog somewhere where you want them to relieve themselves. It’s great if you have a yard or there’s an empty lot nearby. 

The first step is to set a schedule based on what time your dog often has to poop or tinkle. Small dogs have small bladders so they might have to go more than once a day. Larger dogs can learn to only need to relieve once a day. Once you’ve determined the ideal time, prepare a leash and a treat.

During the scheduled periods, put the dog on a leash and lead them to the place where you want them to lose their bowel. Of course, the dog won’t know why you’re both there so you just wait until they do. Be sure to keep your eyes on your puppy because dogs feel vulnerable while taking a dump. 

They want you to look at them so they feel safe. It often leads to an awkward staring contest because dogs will look at their owners in the eye to make sure they are watching. Once done, give the dog a treat and praise them for being good. This will condition them into thinking pooping is a ‘good experience’ and they’ll be encouraged to do it more often.

Avoid Prolonged Stay Outside

Do not just let them outside once they show cues of having to potty. The other reason why you have to be there with them is that they might mistake potty time as free time. The founders of Roman Empire Cane Corso learned the hard way. Once they’re done then it is time to go. Go for a walk or go back inside the house. 

How Long Do You Have to Do This? Nobody Knows

Just like humans, dogs learn things at a different speed. Some take only a month of conditioning while others take about a year. Be patient with your dog. The treats and praises help reinforce this behaviour. 

You should also avoid showing that you are angry for whatever reason. Dogs can understand if people are in a bad mood. Pulling them by a leash will stress them out and develop a thought that what you are going to do is scary. Have patience and only show your puppy love and you’ll be fine.

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