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Common Dog Illnesses One Should Be Wary About

Dogs are like toddlers: they are playful by nature and only stop when they’re uncomfortable. This could mean many things such as feeling unsafe or experiencing some sort of illness. The latter can be tricky to solve for people with no history in medicine. Here are a few common canine illnesses that Roman Empire Cane Corso would like you to know:

Digestive Upset

Dogs can experience the same nausea and loss of bowel movement as humans do. Puking and pooping liquid can be normal if it happens only once or twice a week, especially when travelling or trying new food. However, respond once they start doing this under normal circumstances such as feeding them their favourite food or staying at home for the entire day. 

This could be a case of diarrhoea, parasite, or other digestive problems. Visit the vet to see the exact problem. Solutions may vary between a change of diet, use of medicines, or abstinence from a certain practice. 

Skin Infection

A skin infection may vary between rashes and parasites. The most common obvious symptom would be excessive itching. Dogs scratch themselves from time to time so look closer through their fur during a bath. 

One might notice bleeding or red/inflamed patches on the skin. If the cause is ticks and lice then the obvious solution is to use pest-repellent products. If no bug is present, consult the veterinarian. The cause may vary between allergies or sensitive skin which may involve changing grooming products. 

Joint Problems 

Dogs can show obvious discomfort in their joints when they’re lagging a leg or when the affected limb is raised. Cases of fractures can be nursed but other causes may be a hormonal disease, metabolism issue, cancer, or signs of ageing. Whichever the case may be, the best course of action is to apply pain relief ointments or medicine to ease the pain. 

Urinary Problems

Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria. This can be noticed from the dog’s pee. Symptoms may include blood in the urine, foul odour, or cloudiness. The dog struggling to urinate is also a symptom. These can be treated with antibiotics. Also, consider using pain relief medicines while the illness persists.

Ear Infection

Dogs may display discomfort in their ear by vigorous scratching, head shaking, or uncontrollable eye movements. Upon closer inspection, one might find either bleeding or leaking discharge. The veterinarian can perform a thorough cleaning which is the quickest and safest solution. For home treatment, follow the vet’s prescribed anti-inflammatory medicines and perform regular cleaning of the outer canal.

Never Self-Diagnose Unless You Are a Trained Professional

It’s easy to make assumptions based on symptoms but one still has to know the specifics. For example, it is difficult to know exactly what causes a dog’s rash, digestion problems, or limping. There are general treatments but one needs to know the exact cause to solve it. Roman Empire Cane Corso would like you to have regular visits to the veterinarian.