Roman Empire Cane Corso: Best service dog breeds

Navigating your life as a person with special needs can be a bit difficult on your own. It’s a good thing that you have furry friends who are always willing to lend their paws to you. 

They don’t just help you with your basic tasks, these dogs can also support you emotionally and give you a friend in times of need. It’s amazing how much help they can be, especially for people with disabilities. 

Dogs are brilliant and compassionate creatures that are loyal to their owners. Moreover, they can be trained to handle life-threatening situations with ease and this is especially useful for people with disabilities. Check out the most popular breeds for service dogs: 

  1. Labrador retriever 

Labrador retrievers are gentle giants who became wildly popular breeds for service dogs. They are friendly and good-natured, which is the perfect attitude for assistants. Additionally, these are dogs that love having jobs to do. 

They feel better when they can help their owners around. Labradors are the perfect partners for mobility-impaired owners who need help in grabbing objects. This is due to their natural retrieving abilities, which means that they grip things lightly instead of mangling on the objects you expect them to fetch. 

  1. Golden retriever 

Golden retrievers are almost similar to labradors except they are fluffier, gentle, smart and extremely friendly. They have a strong sense of loyalty and can be quite clingy to their owners.

One thing about this breed is that they hate being separated from their humans. It makes them anxious and they love helping in any way that they can. Additionally, they are very compassionate animals and they can sense when their owners are distressed. They are the perfect breed for people with PTSD and anxiety. 

  1. German shepherd 

German shepherds are often associated with the police, but they can be excellent service dogs as well. They are intelligent, easy to train and extremely well-behaved. Moreover, they are loyal to their owners and have a strong sense, which can easily detect danger. 

They are the first breed to become service dogs so their skills in taking care of their owners are unparalleled. Additionally, their strong sense of smell makes them the ideal service dog for people who need to monitor their blood sugar. 

  1. Poodle 

People tend to think that poodles are just for show with their fancy cuts and accessories. However, these gentle and jolly creatures can be excellent service dogs too. They are easy to train and they are very playful beings, which makes them perfect for people who often fall under stress or anxiety. 

  1. Boxer 

Boxers aren’t your typical service dog, but they exhibit the quality of a good one! This dog breed is large enough to perform physical tasks and help its owners navigate through a crowd. Despite not being popular, these dogs are excellent companions to both adults and children. They can be playful without getting too rowdy.