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How to Take Care of an Italian Mastiff 

Dogs are really a man’s best friend. They treat us as their whole world. Although they can’t afford to live as long as we can (even if we want to), we can only pour out our endless love and care for these adorable creatures while they are still by our side. 

By having a Roman Empire Cane Corso or an Italian Mastiff, your life will change. Unlike other dogs which may be a bit too energetic to suit your lifestyle, this breed won’t. Although they tend to be more relaxed, they still need to be handled with extra care even if they are no longer cute puppies. 

In fact, they need more care as they grow older in order for them to avoid possible health conditions that come with old age. With that, here are some tips on how to take care of your growing Cane Corso. 


Although Cane Corsos are hypoallergenic, they still tend to shed some hair from time to time. If it’s not yet time to have them groomed by a veterinarian, you can make sure they look good by regularly brushing their fur. 

Proper nutrition 

Like us, dogs also need to be fed properly. For this large breed, they will have to eat a giant-breed dog food. In fact, the right food can make a dog grow healthier and stronger. The thing about this breed of dog is that they are prone to bone and joint diseases. So, by feeding them properly and supplying them with the right vitamins, one can help their pets avoid the risk of different diseases. 

Proper exercise

Like humans, dogs also need to be exercised properly. As they are prone to bone and joint diseases, this breed will have to be walked and exercised regularly. Although their nature is to be laid back, dogs of this breed need to be pushed a little so that they are not always moping on their backs. 


Since they are timid dogs, they also have the tendency to be grumpy or aggressive at times. With that, it will be best to teach them how to socialize with other people as well as other dogs. That way, they will learn how to be happy and well-behaved. To do this, you may want to walk your pet through different environments. By doing so, they will be accustomed to be kind towards playful kids. 

Don’t spoil them

One of the coping mechanisms of this breed is crying or whining to get what they want. Like kids, you should learn how not to spoil your fur babies. By letting them know that they can’t always have what they want, your dog will know that sometimes, they will have to go by your way and not the other way around.