Home fo the Italian Mastiff
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Roman Empire

NOTICE: Thank you for your interest in one of my babies. I have had an overwhelming amount of people trying to contact me this spring 2015. Please be patient, and if you have left a voice mail and I haven’t gotten back to you, I probably didn’t get your message, as I have had to many messages to respond to.  The best way to reach me if you know for sure you want one of my pups is via facebook. Please be patient as I will always do my best to make everyone happy.
You can request a friendship on facebook to
‘Kristin Rose (RomanEmpireCaneCorso)’

Welcome to Roman Empire Cane Corso – Home of the Italian Mastiff

We are a small hobby breeder of Cane Corso Mastiffs, located in a beautiful rural community near Edmonton, Alberta in western Canada. (Close to Leduc, Beaumont & Sherwood Park). We own 10 acres for our kids & dogs to roam & play on.  We have five Cane Corsos, Registered with the CKC, AKC and ICCF. We strive to breed Cane Corsos with excellent health, superior type and temperament. We breed for love of the Cane Corso, and to improve the Cane Corsos here in Canada. My goal is to have each generation become better then the last.

We breed to produce a healthy, well-rounded Cane Corso; A dog with the nature to protect if needed, but the stability to be trusted as a child’s companion. The perfect family pet!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and our family!

Latest News!

Welcome to Roman Empire Cane Corso

Are you a fan of Cane Corso? Do you want to get your own? Roman Empire Cane Corso is the right place for you. 

Who are we? 

Roman Empire Cane Corso is a small hobby breeder of Cane Corso. Our place is located in Edmonton, Alberta in Western Canada. 

Our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), American Kennel Club (AKC), and  International Cane Corso Federation (ICCF), so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the animals. We let them play in our 10-acre yard so they’ll have great metabolism and bodies. 

We believe that a Cane Corso is the perfect family pet. That’s why we always strive to breed out dogs with excellence so that they’ll be a healthy, superior, and good breed that they always are. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the Cane Corso so you can take care of your new family pet properly.


The breed has an average height of 27 inches and can weigh around 120 pounds. They have a big appetite for a dog and can be obese if not taken care of properly. You need to make sure that this dog gets a regular amount of exercise to be healthy. 

Body care

To keep your dog in the proper condition you must brush the coat twice, every day. You also need to brush their teeth and trim their nails once a week. Just let them take a bath when necessary. 


A house with a huge backyard is enough for Cane Corso dogs. They do not need a big playground or personalized environment, unlike other breeds. They’ll just play around with their friends every day. 


Treating Cane Corso dogs right can be great. If you trained them properly, they will follow any of your orders. Since they are considered the ‘bodyguard dogs’ they tend to protect and their owners. They also tend to be aggressive if they are being provoked or being mistreated. 

Physical features

The physical appearance of Cane Corso dogs can be intimidating since they have a huge and athletic body. They can also have cropped or uncropped ears depending on the breeding style. 

Cane Corso dogs are one of the easiest and loyal breeds of dogs that you can find. They don’t need to have a special treatment like other breeds. They just need to have a loving family to trust and protect. We are not breeding specialists here at Roman Empire Cane Corso but we make sure that all of our Cane Corso dogs are healthy and loving.  

We hope that you learn about us and our lovely pets. We hope that you choose a Cane Corso dog as your pet. If you have any questions about Cane Corso dogs, you can visit our pages dedicated to that topic.