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I am just starting to create this page for future buyers to here what other people have to say about me and my dogs. Thank you so much for your time if you are willing to send me your thoughts on your experience with buying a puppy from me. You can always email me at - Kristin
ps. If you have sent one already and its not on here, please, please send it again. I have misplased some of my emails and I am in the process of getting more organized.

I feel that words cannot describe the appreciation we have to Roman Empire for giving us this beautiful addition to our family, but I hope I can give you some insight to this amazing and hardworking breeder.Working with Roman Empire has been an absolute treat from day one; Kristin always returned our questions with such positive remarks and indications. Having such a kind and welcoming family herself, it reflects so much in the consideration and care she took for each and every one of the puppies in the litter we were blessed to receive from.

When coming to her acreage all you see is the vast space the dogs and children get to enjoy, immediately after meeting Skye the gorgeous and also very, very sweet Mother to our baby girl Stella, we were on a mission to meet big papa Bruno to ensure he was just as personable, and that he sure was J After his pee of excitement, Bruno comes tromping over to meet his baby girls new adoptive parents, and I must say he did look a little intimidating. Once his eyes connected with yours he instantly had this silly almost playful expression on his face (we have now blessed to see daily in our little princess) that made you just want to hug him for hours (which I’m very sure he would have let me do just that). Everyday I am surprised by how utterly smart Stella is, when we come home from work or school she greats us with a pleasant smile (I think she caught on from her brother) and sings us a little song before asking to go outside. Stella is known for her wagging tail and very sweet and calm demeanor in our neighborhood and everyone likes to stop and say hello when she is out and about.

The journey we embarked on to add an addition to our family, was a very, very long and well thought out process, my husband had been doing research on the breed his entire life, fascinated by the Cane Corso. Once we had a suitable home to add another dog to the family, we did just that. When the time came, he already had picked the breeder, after communicating and realizing that a litter was literally around the corner, only filled us with hope that there would be enough females in the litter, and to our wonderful surprise we were blessed with the ability to pick out a female to add to our home. We had already had a 2.5 year old Doberman Pinscher, and not once were we in the slightest bit concerned for their temperaments or breeds to disagree and one become dominate with the other, from day one she has been a bright shining beacon of light in all our lives.

When we had the pleasure of taking her home at 8 weeks, she was brought to us by Kristin and met at the vet for her ear crop, we took her home and we have never looked back!! She luckily had the introduction to children at Roman Empire so we were able to happily allow her to play without worry with our niece who was living with us at the time, not only has she been exceptional with children and all humans, she loves all other animals weather it be a cat, dog or house fly she simply just wants to share her love with the world, play or sing along to her favorite tunes (yes she squeeks to music but we introduced her to music very early and sing to her daily). Stella also LOVES the tub, or shower, water in general she loves to hop in and take a bath in the morning.Once the evening hits, especially since my husband works away, she becomes much more of a protector, checking out the house with bumps or noises, and giving a good check over before we head to bed for the night.

Stella has been a blessing, adding a puppy to our house I thought was going to be a lot of work with me starting school, honestly she picked up on everything so quickly, within 2 weeks she was fully house trained and sleeping through the night from day one, she has absolutely the most welcoming demeanor you could ask for, she is the perfect addition to our home.Stella is now 14 months old, and perfectly healthy and happy, not once have we had a health concern or issue with her, Not to mention the attention she receives EVERYWHERE we go.

Stella almost a year old.


Everyone absolutely adores her, so kudos to you for breeding amazing pups



I love Leo he's been great to us. His favorite thing to do is fetch and go swimming. I get so many compliments from him it's unreal. I tell everyone where I got him from. I’ve already recommended you to many people.




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